ULB Skype Session: End-user innovation of public services – through the backdoor via smart phone apps

wifi-signal-full (2)

License: CC 3.0 BY Mario Purisic

Please join us for the first of the Urban Living Birmingham Skype Sessions, taking place on the 6th of June 2017, 10.00am to 11.00am.

If you are able to attend please contact Dr Chloe Billing via email on C.A.Billing@bham.ac.uk by the 2nd of June

Citizens have direct experience of the ‘problem spaces’ within urban systems and are more likely to be motivated to change existing services than incumbent providers. Consequently, there is value in citizens (users/consumers) not only co-innovating with urban service providers through providing feedback, but also themselves being the agents of change, as they invent and modify new and existing products.

However, the Urban Living Birmingham project has found that end-user innovation (where the citizens themselves are the agents of change) is not common practice within Birmingham’s urban services. The reason for this is general barriers to public-participation and specific barriers that are restricting end-user innovation within public service.

The aim of this Skype session is to identify the role that users play in consultation and the shaping of service delivery in Birmingham. We are particularly interested in the emergence of smart phone apps and websites as a way of facilitating public participation in the improvement of urban services.

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