Final dissemination event, 1st November

Author: Joanne Leach

It is hard to believe that a year and a half has almost passed since the Urban Living Birmingham (ULB) project began investigating the critical challenges facing Birmingham and how end-user innovation might be encouraged in order to address them. Although this work is not yet complete (the project does not formally finish until the 30th of November and outputs will continue into the early part of 2018), the final project meeting will shortly be upon us.

The Impact Hub, Birmingham, is the venue for the final project dissemination event, taking place on the 1st of November. The day will begin with networking and lunch from 12.15pm until the formal start of the meeting at 1.00pm. The meeting will close at 3.30pm. The afternoon will provide delegates with one last chance to engage with ULB. The afternoon will focus upon the emerging outcomes from our arts commission, with No.11 Arts showcasing the development of a creativity-led approach to engaging residents with city service delivery for the purpose of eliciting end-user innovation. Alongside this, we will be highlighting the emerging results from our Work Package 3 research, which is taking a ‘deep dive’ into understanding the City’s plexus of critical challenges (those we identified in the first six months of our work). There will be a particular focus upon how what we are discovering can lead to better outcomes for people and what this means for policy making in Birmingham and the wider region.

If you are interested in attending, please contact me, Joanne Leach, at or on 07785 792 187.


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